How we did a photoshoot 5000 miles apart

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Collaboration project photoshoot through Skype with @sacredthomas

We all know that the creative industry has been affected in a huge negative way because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Most of artist people: photographers, filmmakers and freelance artists at all have suffered the bad consequences about this. So as a photographer and @sacredthomas as a filmmaker wanted to take this negative situation and turned in to a positive one, as a new chance to improve as content creators with a YouTube channel.

Mi canal de Youtube

So what it is about? What is a Photoshoot Challenge through Skype? And…

How we did a Photoshoot 5000 miles apart?

Have you heard about the Facetime or Skype Shooting? It is based on shooting with a laptop and shooting through different screenshots the photographer just do while he/she is guiding the model. So the photographer decides how she needs to move, put the laptop and stuff so he can just finally do a screenshots like he/she is taking photos with a camera.

And then, we realised that distance is not a matter anymore. That distance just doesn’t exist nowadays because all this new platforms and technology that allow all of us to keep contact with each other from different parts of this world. Now if you want to see someone who is so far away from you or you can not go to work for any reason at all, you have right now the chance to work from distance, I mean, from home or wherever are you in this moment.

Because of this great project we did together, Sacred and I, have been getting closer as friends so I’m so grateful to have been able to take this as an advantage so everyone can do it if they want to.

@SacredThomas (filmmaker and content creator in his Youtube channel) is from Dallas, Texas and I am from Barcelona and we have 7 hours difference system between us, and we just did it. We create some meaningful content for us and maybe for you as well. The thing is we already are proud and happy with what we just did and if you believe in yourself, that it is.

Also thank you @soundstripemusic for create the contest #keepcreatingchallenge that we had the chance to win. And thank you Sacred for just applied for this great contest.

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